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Best Wardrobes, Doors and Shower screens for your home

A wardrobe is an essential thing in life, as the day begins off with it. When you have your day scheduled, you would want to pick a pair or two from your wardrobe, but at times it finds difficult for you to decode. To ease this difficulty you can have tailor prepared wardrobes for yourself. The custom wardrobes by Canon Doors provide you the chance to have the whole part designed as per your own convenience.

Companies care about your home and office security. It is for important for people to have high-class security doors in their Melbourne properties. Strong protective door provide the maximum possible stage of safety and security to your home, your property and your family. That is why Melbourne Screen Security doors are made using the best possible materials available in the market. They are designed for people to feel safe and happy at home.

Screen security doors fit on top of your present wooden doors for safety. They have much variety of designs and colours so you don’t have to compromise the aesthetic attraction of your home for your security requirements.

Advantages of screen security door design

Modifying one of our steel doors to your specific home will ensure the maximum level of protection from home invaders and burglars. The high-quality styles are verified to be extremely resilient. These   Melbourne security doors have many advantages as compared to wooden doors as they can’t be cut or busted open. They stand up superior and are recyclable, which implies that they are more eco friendly than traditional doors.


If you are looking for premium shower screens in Melbourne that combine well with fashionable as well as ultra contemporary interior décor, here are the various premium shower screens in a range of finish and styles to harmonize your interiors:

Pivot – With a large range of design option, a pivot door is burly and convenient, which is ideal for providing easy access and least splatter in homes with children and elderly.

Slide – It is available in a three sheet slide, these full-framed shower screens are an immense selection for limited space.

Bath – With a fix framed, swing, semi-framed and frameless plates fixed to the wall, this economical selection gives a smart looking and strong access to your bathroom.

Compact – It is designed with stiff spaces in mind. These shower screens are easy to clean and perfect for dense bathrooms.

If you’re looking for a construction and building expert who knows what they’re doing and put your family’s security first then we highly recommend going with Terramyer Builders. They do everything from bathroom renovations to complete home extension services in Melbourne and are classed as one of the best in the industry. Give them a call for a reliable service that you won’t go wrong with.