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There are many surfaces that can be finished in polished concrete, we took a look at how to polish concrete floors which are in offices & homes, in another post but now we are going to step it up…to counter height. Let’s take a look at how you would polish your concrete countertops for a sleek and modern finish that will stand the test of time.

Did you know concrete, as defined, is the mixture of a few key ingredients like cement, rock aggregate, sand, as well as water? These items alone are brittle and weak but when you combine they just right they form the strong as nails and built to last a lifetime medium know as concrete. (Just a fun little bitty of information for you there) Now, on to the “how to polish your concrete countertops.”

Step #1: Be Prepared. Gather all the necessary equipment and make sure you have everything you need. Word to the wise…while polishing your concrete countertop isn’t technically dangerous we all know what happens when water meets electricity so make sure your polisher has a ground fault circuit interrupter. To double protect yourself be sure to wear a pair of rubber gloves, better safe than sorry…or in this case dead. You also want to make sure to wear a particle mask because you don’t want all the dust from grinding getting into your airways (concrete dust is caustic).

Step #2: Get to the nitty gritty. You want to pick your finish…grab an extra piece of concrete and grind away to different depths over the piece and see which finish you like the best. Once you pick the finish you like the best it’s time to grind on some concrete.

Step #3: Grind…Polish…What Should You Do? Grinding is said to be the rougher option for flattening concrete’s surface whereas polishing is a slower process that produces a smoother and shinier finish. Try out the variable speed wet polisher. This tool can be used for any kind of decorative concrete work. This tool can help you achieve the polished look you desire on your countertops. Be sure to stock up on various types of pads for your polisher (such as soft pads, rigid pads and even wet and dry pads).

Step #4: Initial Polish. Finally, it’s time to put the first round of polishing onto your concrete slab. This is the point where your countertop will begin to look less like a slab of concrete and more like your vision.

Step #5: Slurry It Up. You might find as you are polishing your countertop develops holes, this is normal and all you have to do is fill these holes with some slurry and you can continue to polish.

Step #6: Finish Line Ahead. Congratulations you made it to the end…almost. It’s time for one last final polish. You started with a drab ole’ concrete slab and are now creating something completely fab for your kitchen (or bathroom). One more round of polishing at a higher grit this time…we recommend using 400 grit or higher pads to perform this round.

Hopefully, this article was helpful and gave you some insight into the wonderful world of polished concrete. If you are looking to get your polished concrete floors cleaned by a professional team, trust Commercial Cleaning service by Pro Melbourne Cleaning.

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