Building Convenient Granny Flats

Why Go for Granny Flats?

Multi-generational living has been an issue in the urban setup for quite some time. We can always look around for instances wherein grandparents and teenage children find it difficult to stay with each other under the same roof together. Homes designed for multi-generational arrangements are quite suitable as providing solution to this never ending problem. Anyone, from amongst the youngsters or the elders, or visiting guests, who wish for a separate living for themselves would find granny flats amazingly convenient. The added advantage these accessory suites have over entirely separate living arrangements, old age homes or kids’ hostels is the fact that you remain within easier reach of your family.

So if you’re looking for someone who can help you with the designing and construction of a granny flat for your own home, or to suggest friends or family, Granny flats by Little Aussie Homes would definitely be one great choice! As builders of Granny Flats, we’re specialists at the job, be it in terms of knowledge, experience or skill. Our team of trained architects, engineers, planners and developers in their work experience and expertise vouch for our reliability in meeting any kind of requirements, or challenges.


An experienced company also offers you honest assistance as you choose from the various possible building projects, according to available space, what you need, and affordability as well. Once you’re done with the pick and choose for the minimal structure of the house, our experts easily manipulate on the basics to get everything affordably suited and perfected for your people and the backyard. While we ourselves are acquainted with several ideas, your suggestions for a custom built flat, are welcome too, for it serves well to focus skill at what is required. Any experienced company working in this field has a team which of transportable granny flat builders in Sydney. For those who wish more of manageability with their secondary suites, transportable flats go as the spot-on choice.

You can get everything from intelligent designs, to a perfect finish, for a handsome detached dwelling. Absolute care is taken to fit your lifestyle and needs at a reputed outlet. What makes the service additionally convenient is the fact that the outlet not only get the building in your backyard readied for you, they do a 100% job, completed by taking care of all the pre-requisites, from assessing the site, to providing for quotes, and preparing and lodging of applications for government approvals too. You can avail the services of our granny flat builders in Blacktown, North and West Sydney, Northern Beaches, Emu Plains, and Wenke Crs Yagoona.


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The qualities of good granny flat builders

If you are considering building a granny flat, there are many things that you should take into consideration and that are going to help you in making good decisions and choices. Even though there are some people who have ideas of the kind of granny flats that they would like to setup, it is always important to seek the help of an expert.

This is mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. They will be able to offer you assistance and understanding of the kind of work that you have at your disposal.
  2. They know the best ways of ensuring that they build the kind of granny flat that you want.
  3. They have a workforce that is talented and that is dedicated at making sure that they deliver on their pledges without fail.
  4. They know why it is important to work with you and will ensure that your ideas are transformed the way they should.

Unlike home extensions, it is important to ensure that you hire only the best in the market to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Some of the qualities of good granny flat builders are discussed below.

New Homes - New - a SpacePod by Blue Frontier Studios

They are licensed and insured.

Good granny flat builders know that anything is possible hence they are more likely to get an insurance cover to ensure that everything goes on smoothly and even after they are done with building your granny. Basically, they will insure you against some potential threat that you may encounter hence you do not have to worry. Also a licensed granny flat builder in Blacktown is more likely to be trusted than the one who is not licensed. Always hire a company or individual that you know is registered.

They should offer you quality services that are unmatched.

There are many companies that promise to deliver quality work only for them to fail since they forgot the mandates that they had when they registered with you. Always make sure that you use a company that is competent enough to deliver on the results that you are looking for. They should not compromise quality for anything else hence they should meet your needs quite easily.

They should be a reputable company.

It is never easy to hire just any other company to work with you unless you know them or have heard about them. When you are seeking to hire services of granny flat builders, make sure that you hire companies who build granny flat in Sydney, have a name in the market and that people have faith and trust in.


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