Transforming old cement floors with polish

Melbourne is a place home to diverse architectures. There are many structures in the city that still have old concrete floors. Cement floors tend to be pretty strong and some of them are several decades old but barely scathed. However, the ageing of the floors robs them of their beauty.

The interior designers work on the ceilings and the walls but they also need to work on the old floors. The challenge is to make the old concrete look like new without having to rip it apart. The old concrete surface looks dull and uninviting. Thankfully, there are a number of polishing treatments available that can easily transfigure the floor.

Challenges that need to be overcome

The old cement floors and other surfaces are often cracked and uneven. You may also see some deep crevices leading up to the edge of the wall. The challenges become greater when there are floor vents and drains. For an inexperienced professional these might look like untreatable problems. However, with the evolution in technology, many options are available to mend the floor and make it appear new. Even the old cement benchtops in Melbourne can be refinished for a transformed look.

Getting started

If you want the polished cement floors in Melbourne the first thing you will need to do is repair the old floor. If there are cracks, holes or chips you will need to fill them. Remember that the materials used in the original design of the old cement or concrete floor are different. The repair must be done keeping the material in mind.

You may also encounter the uneven surfaces. Sometimes you may face the issues related to the height, especially around the entrances and doorways. In this case you will need to apply the overlays first. There are many types of self-levelling options in different colours and textures.


When the height is evened out the process is completed with sealing, polishing, and burnishing.

If you want the additional layer of strength in places like garage or basement you can go for epoxy treatment. Epoxy flooring pricing is pretty reasonable and the reinforcement will make the floor more resistant to corrosion.

Get the design of your choice

With the modern tools and technologies your cement floor can be finished to look like any material you want, such as, granite, tile, marble, and even terracotta. Variety of patterns can also be added to the surface. There are lots of choices available in terms of colours and textures. Therefore polished cement floors are more versatile than any other available floor material.

Polished cement floors are not only common in residential spaces but also at libraries, malls and more.

The remodeled cement floor offers a lot of benefits. It becomes much more durable. It is also very cost effective. You are only refinishing the existing surface instead of building it from the scratch. By polishing you can make your cement floor appear as if it is completely new.


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Office Fit Outs: Considerable For Office Optimization

Creating an office space is never going to be easy. It doesn’t end on just selecting the right office furniture, fit-outs and office interiors. You have to take on board your employee’s preferences that what they look for the work space, what you want to convey from your workplace and of course, what fits in your budget.


It is the reason, establishing a whole new commercial space or its renovation continued for months. There is so much to consider when need to conduct the office fit-outs. From the floor plan to partitions of the office through glass partitions or fully enclosed space, and more are the decisions to make seem endless. An ideal office interior must match up with the current trends and also on top of what employees want. The concept applied to all separate components of interior design and it can be achieved easily if taken on board the professional assistance.

Professional service now-a-days provide a fantastic way of getting the task end up with ease without compromising with the quality and even under the budget. These professionals hold expertise and experience in their respective field and offering right solution to clients to remain streamlined and productive with the right commercial office fit outs by Discount Partitions. The professionals come and offer a full service – from concept to completion. Since they believe, no two projects are the same, they most commonly approach the following way.

  • Make Audit of the site
  • Scoping the Requirements
  • Plan Project Development


There are also some points, the expert focus upon and leave the client’s having a fully optimized work space.

  1. Detailed Understanding

When you hire a professional, means you hire in-depth knowledge and experience till your project gets accomplished. An experienced person holds a great expertise in dealing with scope, budget and vision, hence they prepare the tailored-made services fit to a client’s particular requirements. They also focus on any other specific considerations if detailed by client before providing initial guidance and direction for complete management.

  1. Creative Thinking

When it comes to decorating the office or modifying the whole office, a creative blend of mind is essential to have for solving design related problems. However, the professional don’t blindly replicate fashions and trends, whilst they pick up the unique work for within the boundaries that is fresh, functional, and budget-friendly as well as fulfilling client’s expectations.

  1. Practical Application

Office fit-outs are not just meant to add elegance, but it is required to be accomplishing the practical needs. It is essential to recognize how design works. That’s where, an expert do it for you after the installation of fit-outs and partitions and make specific changes if required. Most of the times, these professionals enjoy their own construction & joinery factory and offering immediate support. Instead of this, they also maintain mutual relationship with other joineries and sourcing items and providing round the clock assistance. Through this, they bring out creative solutions in a collaborative way and on a prompt time.

  1. Quality Delivery


Quality is the foremost thing the professionals strive to provide at first. Since they adhere to quality, you can be rest assured to receive only the quality material for your office establishment or make-over. Workplaces are living spaces and with this believe, experts stand behind their rendered products and solutions and inspect the ongoing process and assist in maintenance and support if required.

Through this, businesses can focus on achieving their targets whilst thinking about the office interiors as experts are always ready to assist and undertake all the major changes when required. A practical and brilliant looking workspace automatically boosts up productivity. If you’re looking for the best service provider for office fit outs in Melbourne then check out Discount Partitions Melbourne, these guys are some of the most experienced in the industry, in fact they’ve dealt with many of the top corporate businesses in the CBD, visit their website for more info or call them today for the perfect office fit outs for your business.


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How to Plan a Perfect Décor for Your Office Using Fit Outs?

It’s the new age employee system being followed across the world and the employees are given more space, better environment and much improved aesthetics in offices. The employees are motivated every day by clean and decorative fit outs, seating arrangement and other opportunities. The decoration has become part of the infrastructure which includes all the things like mechanism, cafeteria, washrooms, conference halls, seating area, etc. The planners are continuing to design them in best possible fashion and generating more energy for the employees. Whether it’s the lighting condition or acoustic environment, it needs to be taken care so that employees and visitors easily gel with environment and feel pleasured to spend time. This appeal leads to more retention and enthusiasm towards work.

Planners have the capability to design the best arrangements for decoration using fit outs and the same should be known to all. There are certain factors which can help to understand the perfect décor for office using fit outs –

Viewing options – The offices with visibility outside are more appealing as these connect to the natural environment outside and make them familiar with the place. The people, road, or sea outside the office can engage them to stay for longer and enjoy the time in office.

Planting – The natural indoor plants can help to give more oxygen and positive energy to the employees and they show more interest and productivity at workplace. It’s been observed that a person connected to nature is more efficient than the one devoid of it.

Modern storage desks – The conventional seating is no longer acceptable and people want more at their own seats. The double duty desks with storage capacity, electrical points, mirrors, glass holders and other facilities are likeable by all so as to provide ease and comfort. The employees will spend more time on their seats and have more time to show performance rather than roaming around for petty tasks.

Gym, Spa & Games – The offices need to have exercise, refreshment and playing facilities so that they can rejuvenate themselves in short time and come back with more energy at their desk. This is extremely important these days to bust out the stress and heavy workload in the office.

Colour Therapy – The colour experts help to choose the right colours according to the professions that make them more involved in the work. E.g. creative people love to work in red / yellow colours while the ones with accounting tasks prefer soft colours at seat. This can be done with the help of professionals.

Corner Areas – These can be best used for decoration purpose as putting a worktable or employee at this place will make them feel isolated and will be seen in fall of productivity. Thus, the beautiful showpieces, decorative items, fountains can be placed at the corners.

Are you looking for partitions for your office? If so then you’ll want to check out Discount Partitions which is one of the top partition company in the country. They’re well renowned because of their specialised ergonomic office workstations that are perfect for long hours at the office. These workstations are designed for comfort for long hours.


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