Key Terms When It Comes To Talking To Stone Restoration Professionals

Unless you have knowledge or skills in a certain field majority of the terms used in that field or area seem foreign to us and can be a bit complicated to understand. It is this reason we have decided to compile a list of the most commonly used terms in stone restoration and put them in one easy to reference list for you to use to help you during the process. While this isn’t a complete list of terms it does contain some of the more popular terms that are used and should assist you when trying to “talk stone restoration” to someone.

Grind: This process uses a machine equipped with a diamond abrasive pad and water to help remove deep scratches and uneven edges, also known as lippage. This process does not create dust and is fairly “clean” when it comes to talking about messes.

Hone: Like the grinding process this process also uses a machine equipped with a diamond abrasive pad and water. This process though is meant to be done to help remove only minor scratches and wear and tear from daily foot traffic. Again this process is fairly clean and creates no dust.

Strip: This process removes coatings that can block the stone’s natural ability to breathe. This blockage often causes spalling, which is areas where the stone will crack and large pieces will pop off. There are three main types of coatings, which are crystallisation, janitorial waxes and polyurethane.

Clean: Just as you would think, this means to remove dirt, stains, bacteria, waxes, and polymers that may have become embedded into the surface.

Polish: This gives your surface the sheen you desire, can enhance the veining in marble, and even protect your stone from everyday traffic and spills. This typically uses the same compounds that were used in the manufacturing process.

Seal: This will protect and preserve your natural stone by using a penetrating sealer which is also commonly known as an impregnator.

Color Enhance: Just looking for a small pick me up for your stone, then this term is what you want. The colour enhances term means to enrich and enhance the stone colour by use of penetrating sealers/impregnators.

While this is by no means a complete list it should be complete enough to give you a good basis for conversation when trying to talk to a professional or someone else about stone restoration. Please remember to come back and join us for more helpful articles on marble stone restoration in melbourne, the topics are helpful, insightful.

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