Things to keep in mind while buying or selling underpinned houses

An underpinned property does get bought and sold. Majority of the times the underpinning is done when the property has experienced subsidence in the past or is experiencing it now. Sometimes the homeowners use it as the preventive measure if there is a chance of subsidence in the future. Selling and buying of the underpinned property is not exactly as straightforward as it might sound. Here are the top tips that you would like to consider.

The reason for subsidence

Before buying the underpinned property you will want to find the reason for subsidence. This is to figure out whether the problem was temporary and has been permanently fixed with underpinning or not. The cost of underpinned property is usually lower than the regular neighbourhood price. Buying a properly secured property could be a good deal. You may require the help of a structural engineer in order to figure out the true condition. This will give you enough confidence to make a decision.

If you are a seller of the property, you need to make sure that underpinning has been done properly. For that, you too have to know the exact cause of subsidence in order to choose the right underpinning method. You can hire the underpinners in Melbourne who will provide the best possible solution to you.

Do the insurance companies cover the subsided property?

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Most of the insurance companies do not provide the insurance cover for the properties that have subsided or have a subsidence history. Many of the insurance providers do not cover the underpinned property even when it was done without subsidence. Therefore, as a buyer you will have to be very careful about this before buying such a property. There are some insurance companies that do cover such properties but only after conducting a satisfactory survey. Their premium may also be higher.

How to avoid subsidence in future

Of course, the very first step is to underpin your property to ensure a stronger foundation. Underpinning cost in Melbourne may seem high to you but if you would look at how it can help keep the cost of the property from declining you will definitely want to go for it. If the property has already subsided then you have no other choice but to underpin it.

To ensure that subsidence doesn’t happen in the future, you should get rid of the things that cause it. If you have big trees around the property with strong roots weakening the foundation you will need to get rid of them. Shrubs can also cause damage to the foundation and thus they need to be removed as well.

Waterproofing the basement is also a great idea to prevent subsidence. If the water leaks are overlooked for a long time they tend to weaken the foundation. Make sure that there no gutter or pipe leaks near the basement. So if you underpin the house before it has subsided it may still get you a good deal during resale.


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