DIY – 8 Simple Steps for Easy Home Renovation

Home renovation is the process of making your old home new again. This job is a very difficult task and requires a huge amount of money to be spent on hiring a professional and the raw material required. Home renovation simply means renewing sidings, walls, roofs, windows, doors, laying new floors and changing the decors of home. With some precautions and safety measures, home renovation can be done by your own. Doing this can save you a lot of money.


To help you out with this, here are 8 Simple DIY steps for easy home renovation.

  1.       Project Planning

Before you start renovating your home, do plan everything in advance check the places for necessity of renovation. Choose the designs and material you want to use for renovating your home. Gather all the information about the methods and processed to be used in implementing your project.

  1.       Cost Estimation

Estimate the total cost that might be associated with the renovation project. Include everything from the tools to the material and the gadgets needed. Try to use the least expensive and efficient way of doing your work to minimize the total cost. Plan your project according to the budget and avoid unnecessary things to be done.

  1.       Get all the permits

Building Authorities in many countries have rules to ask for permits before doing any kind of home renovation. Get all the permits from the respective authority to avoid any interruption in your project. The authority may also survey your home before and after the home renovation.


  1.       Start from the top

Starting home renovation from the roof is a good idea, if your roof is in good condition paint it up to give a new look to it. If the roof needs some repair work do all the necessary patch work, fill up cracks with the cement and seal the leaks using sealants. If your roof is in very bad condition then re-roof your home and install new shingles.

  1.       Renew your walls

Fill up the cracks on the walls and paint them to renovate, be careful about the finish of paint and use only good equipment and material for painting your walls. Be creative in your work and do it with all your skills. Renew all the interior and exterior walls of your home.

  1.       Change or polish the doors or windows

Depending upon the condition of your windows and doors, renew them either by replacing them from the new one or by polishing them. Don’t forget to change the window glass as the home renovation will be incomplete without them.

  1.       Bring your floors shine back

After you have done everything with the roofs and walls head to work on your floors. Clean up your floors using some non-abrasive cleaner or cleaning agent. You can also do tiling on your floors depending on your budget.

  1.       Change or renew the decors

Change the small decors of your house and try to renew the expensive ones. The furniture if not used for so long can be used again but it is always better to change to give whole new interior to the house.

Whenever you feel like renovating your home on yourself, do follow the steps mentioned above.

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