Most obvious signs that your bathroom’s drains are blocked

If you don’t clear a blocked drain at the earliest stage, even a minor issue can develop into a serious issue and turn things into disastrous situations. Once things have gotten worse, it will be pretty hard to overcome the situation and may affect the daily lives of the residents. The issues associated with clogged or blocked drains are complicated than causing an unpleasant smell, they can even ruin the whole value of the property and cause serious health issues on the family members.

Although it is possible to overcome the issues pertaining to blocked or clogged drains with serious efforts, it is always important to prevent the issue before it gets worse. For this, you need to know the way to identify blocked drains at your earliest. Mentioned below are most obvious signs that your bathroom drains are blocked and it’s time call servicing expert 1300 Drain Clear.

  • Bad odour  

Undoubtedly, one of the most common signs of a blocked bathroom is the unpleasant odour emerges from the drain area. These drains can make pretty nasty odours that are unbearable. The main reasons for this unbearable odour are food particles and other stuff. When the stuff clogged in for a longer period, the bacterium will grow in colonies and start to emit a bad odour as a result of the decaying process. This decomposing process will emit very unpleasant odours that can be really irritating. To avoid this clogging, you should stop putting food waste and other particles down the drain; you may put the solid particles in waste bins insured.

  • Gurgling sound 

Do you hear a loud or ominous gurgling noise at the moment when you run the taps, drain the bathtub or flush the toilet? It can be a sign of a blocked drain. These noises are the results of trapped air in between the solid stuff. When you run the water down, the trapped air bubbles tend to come to the surface.

  • Slow draining 

Noticing an unusually slow draining from the areas like wash basins, bathtubs, sinks, shower area etc. can be a sign of a blocked drain. Over the time, any drainage system can come across such issues due to various solid wastes such as soap, tissue, hair, threads, pieces of paper etc. This is why experts recommend maintaining and cleaning your draining system regularly.

  • Raised water level

Before flush, if you notice that the water level is raised than the normal level, you might be having a blocked drain. This is a very serious issue as it occurs prior to overflow your septic tank or spill over. Therefore, attend to such issue as soon as you notice it.

  • Leaks in drain covers 

There are drain covers located in the back yard or front yard. These drain covers may leak liquid waste due to drain blockage and it will be pretty unpleasant as the situation develops. Such situation needs the immediate attention of a drain specialist before things get worse.

As soon as you notice one or more signs mentioned above, the wisest thing you should do is to call a reputed drain expert. Don’t wait until it is too late as the problem can be severe on than you see on the surface. Contact 1300 Drain Clear today for expert advise and solution.

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