Securing industries with insulation contractors in India

Insulation is very important for industries that emit high amount of heat. The primary form of insulation, commonly available with all insulation contractors in India, is thermal insulation. One of the reasons why this type of insulation is so important is that it plays a vital role in every process within a manufacturing plant, especially with respect to energy conservation.

An insulation contractor gains experience after installing insulating materials across a variety of industries. Today these insulating materials such as rockwool are being used in homes as well, apart from the industries. While some manufacturers make insulation materials for homes along with industries, there are others which restrict themselves to only industry.

How to choose an insulation company in India?

Let us assume that you have your own food processing plant and wish to install insulating material in the premises. What factors will you consider before choosing a particular company? Your choice should be mindful of the following:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent quality of insulating materials
  • Technical support for the different types of materials
  • Responsible and timely delivery of products
  • Constant product availability

Different kinds of insulation

  1. Building insulation

Carrying out building insulation is a method of achieving maximum energy efficiency through the use of architectural principles. Here, insulation needs to be combined with efficient structural design. However, implementation of an energy efficient system is entirely based upon thermal insulation of the overall building envelope. India as such serves as a challenge to every insulation company due to varied climate in different regions.

  1. Acoustic insulation

The science of sound is known as Acoustics. Production of unwanted sound is often termed as noise. Many industries produce a large amount of harsh sound, and it is important for this sound to be controlled with the help of insulation materials. Aero Engine test beds, test cells for automobile engines and those housing large steam turbines are responsible for producing a large amount of sound.

There needs to be close interaction between an interior designer and architect, in order to keep the sound levels down. Acoustic wool, home theatre insulation fabrics, sound deadeners and sound dampening pads can be installed by a reputed insulation company in India.

Most insulation contractors in the country carry out the above types of insulation on a regular basis. Materials available for each differ from each other. Based on the company you choose, they will tell you the best material.

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