The Ultimate Cheat Sheet About Solar Ventilation

This ultimate cheat sheet about solar ventilation exposes valuable information you must know.

What is the functionality of a solar powered attic fan?

In simplest terms, a solar powered attic fan is operated solely on solar power. Such systems are built to force outside air through the attic. This is considered to be a very effective way than the natural ventilation systems; it changes the air inside the attic very frequently.

Do you have to shut down solar ventilations during winters?

Technically, solar powered attic fans are made to run when the temperature of the surrounding (attic) exceeds 80 degrees. In fact, when the functionality of the fan is limited, you can expect a longer lifespan from them. Also, they can stop drawing cold air inside and make the heating system more proficient.

How much of money can you save installing a solar attic fan?

The amount you would save installing a solar powered attic fan may vary depending on the price of the electricity in your area. Also, it would depend on facts like available space in your home, the amount of air the fan can provide and how efficient the attic insulation. In general, a regular solar attic ventilation system would cover own cost within about 3 summers.

Why do solar attic fans standout from the other vents?

There are various other ventilator systems such as gables vents, subfloor ventilation systems, ridge vents and turbine vents. All these vents work based on passive air convection (natural air flow). In other words, whenever the heat rises in the attic, the vents will direct them out via the vents. As you would easily understand, this is not the most efficient way to eradicate hot air.

When it comes to turbine vents, they pull heated air from the attic as the wind blows. They are less efficient and may cause frequent mechanical issues. Above all, they depend on the wind in order to direct hot air out.

However, in contrary to those models, solar attic fans function on active draft air convection. These fans are capable of directing hot air draft via attic; they don’t allow gathering excessive heat inside as they work exceptionally powerfully than the other models.  Because of the greater air draft, they remarkably help the attic to maintain a very comfortable temperature within.

Is it necessary to cool off the attic? 

Usually, during the summertime, the sun will heat the roof of your house mercilessly. As a result of this, the shingles will become very hot. This heat will eventually be transferred to the attic and it will begin on the heat. If this heat retains for a longer period, it will start to seep towards the house. Therefore, you must make sure to cool down the attic if you expect a comfortable atmosphere within the house. The best way to get rid of that heated air is by installing an attic fan.

What is the lifespan of a solar attic fan?

In general, solar operated attic fans have longer life spans. They operate without causing much trouble.  By purchasing your fan from a reputed manufacturer, you can expect even longer lifespan.

Do they generate any sound?

The simplest answer is ‘NO’. They operate very silently and you cannot hear the noise even from close range. They hardly require any maintenance and what you spend on solar ventilations is a trouble free investment.

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