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Tips for buying colonial screen doors

There are many types of screen and storm doors available in the market. Each one of them has its own sets of benefits. The doors are meant to provide the security and to keep bugs, pests and elements from coming inside. At the same time, the doors and screens are an integral part of the decor – both interior and exterior. A good quality door provides ample protection and also enhances the curb appeal of the house. Colonial screen doors in Melbourne have become quite popular.  Here are a few tips you would want to know before buying them.

Not meant for all types of homes

While you may really like the colonial screen door, they may not suit your house. This has nothing to do with the security. They can be as much secure as any other type of door. It is about the appearance. Colonial screen doors go well with the houses that have the traditional feel to them.

The house may not be completely traditional but it may be the fusion of modern and traditional. If you have a completely modern looking house and decor then the door will not blend in with the setup; it will stand out awkwardly. So, before you consider these doors, make sure your house has the right setup for it.


Choose the right size

The colonial doors are just like any other door with a different design. This is why they are also available in the standard sizes and can be hinged on the either side. It is important to measure the size of the doorframe before you buy the door. Make sure that you measure the space between the door jambs and not from the start of the doorframe. This is because you are only buying the door and not the doorframe along with it.

Combination doors

Sometimes the colonial doors are installed along with the screen doors. The combination doors are usually made of vinyl, metal, or wood. If the weather is too harsh it will be advisable to install an additional storm door, especially during winters. The storm door can be swapped with the screen door in summers. Some of the colonial doors these days are combined with the security fly screens in Melbourne. This allows light and air to enter easily.

Where to buy them from?

You could visit a store nearby and check out the different types of colonial doors. While doing so, make sure you also understand the security features. You can look at the brochure and determine whether the door will be suitable for your house.

You can also buy these doors from the online stores. There are some really trustworthy stores that sell high-quality, secure colonial doors at the reasonable prices. You can explore more online since everything is available at one place. You can also search for different styles of homes that feature these doors. Buying online is safe these days, and preferred by most customers.